It all started with a scribble on a sheet of paper on which, instead of a pencil, a thread was used to draw simple strokes, notes taken on a clear autumn day, inspired by the soft colors of nature. A sheet that becomes the starting point of a collection that tells an imaginary made up of original, refined and amazing garments… garments who plow the streets of the largest cities.

Behind each garment there are many references, ideas and similarities, for a fashion collection able to offer to our ideal man the inspiration to awaken his creative flair.

It may seem trivial, but the first source of inspiration for this collection is the thread that unites all the previous collections, paying attention to the colors, shades and evolutions, that year after year have fed our archives, real style "cabinets" in which they are stored all the clothes and accessories made up to date.

A research that seems to have roots in the tradition of going into the future, to the point

of touching high tech.


An explosion of solutions calibrated every time for every function and style need. This collection reaches levels of chromatic sobriety of rare beauty, passing however from technical fabrics with unique performances, to the very soft wools, to the warm cottons, to the softest jerseys and to the flannels that encourage absolute comfort.

Of course, as always, in the continuous and spasmodic search for comfort and wearability.

A compendium of fabrics, tailoring lines,

never banal color scales, to create unique outfits of elegance and recognizability.

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