Fradi autumn - winter 2019/20 expresses a material proposal that reinforces the careful search
for natural fibers with sophisticated processes and techniques.

Fradi anticipates and brings out a strong and transversal sensitivity to the themes of nature, chases its unique color charts, adding a touch of personality, creating stylistic indications and inventing new concepts.

A philosophy that asks to the man to play creatively with color contrasts, the weight of fabrics, the designs and the structures of the prints, always having as a reference point the respect for the environment through a choice of style attentive to avoid waste.

The color themes, based on soft and natural shades with a touch of vivid accents, emerge from the overlays of Nordic inspiration. The material is strengthened in a careful research of natural fibers, with sophisticated processes and techniques.

Among the voluminous yarns we find wools and cottons with full-bodied and extra-soft weaves, on “mineral” tones. A focus on color contrasts, always keeping in mind a priority: respect for the environment through a choice of style attentive to the regard of raw materials.

Pure cottons are renewed in both designs and compositions, plain colors decorated with micro prints and tone-on-tone designs.

Combination of ecology and respect for the environment, stylistic lines and fabrics of natural origin that meet printed pigments. Comfortable lines, soft and embracing, which confirm the philosophy of the brand.

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